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Self-Guided PR Training Program

The Self-Guided PR Training Program is designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to get featured in the media and stand out as an expert in their industry, and they want to do it at their own pace. The online modules are designed to help you learn the ins and outs of media relations. Participants will learn how to secure press, contribute content to major media websites, and stand out as the go-to resource in your industry. Investment starts at $1997.

Your brand is ready to...

Increase revenue through new lead generation

Be considered the go-to expert in your industry

Increase your visibility and credibility 


Clients who have gone through this program... 

Were featured in top tier media outlets and gained massive exposure 

Established themselves (or their founder) as a go-to industry expert 

Saved thousands and learned PR Skills that will benefit them for years to come

Built By An Industry Expert The PR Program Includes 

pr training program course bundle.png

Access to in-depth online video trainings, tools, templates and resources


Trainings on how to build a media list and create lasting relationships with journalists 

Media templates to help you brand yourself and stand out

Media training so you know exactly what to say when you land those big interviews! 

Ditch paying thousands in monthly PR agency retainers and learn the PR skills that will benefit you and your business for years to come. Establish yourself as the go-to expert and thought-leader in your field, gain massive exposure, and establish authority and credibility!

Purchase the PR Training Program

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