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Introducing the VIP PR Immersion, tailored exclusively for thriving brands eager to captivate the global stage. Experience the ultimate white-glove treatment with a comprehensive day-long PR immersion. With Jordanne as your guide, this personalized journey empowers your team to craft all the essential tools and resources required to master in-house PR strategies for an entire year. Begin your transformative PR adventure with an investment starting at $10,000.

What you can expect...

Unleash Your Brand's Story: Amplify your brand by sharing its captivating narrative, connecting deeply with customers and building brand loyalty.

Personalized Expert Guidance: Collaborate directly with Jordanne to create powerful PR tools and resources, empowering your team to execute successful in-house PR strategies throughout the year.

Maximize ROI: Invest in the VIP PR Immersion to drive brand visibility, increase sales, gain media coverage, and save on external PR costs.


You're Ready To...

Be featured in top media outlets and gain massive exposure

Establish yourself as the go-to expert and thought-leader in your field

Ditch paying thousands in monthly PR Agency Retainers and Learn PR Skills that will benefit you and your business for years to come through 1-1 guidance and support


Strategy meeting and PR plan that will provide a roadmap for the entire year 

Custom press kit and media training for stakeholders

Follow up calls to guide you and your team personally, and answer any questions

Custom media pitches, press release and templates 

Custom media lists with contact information to top tier media 

Valuable training that will save your brand thousands 

Ditch paying thousands in monthly PR agency retainers and learn the skills that will benefit you and your business for years to come. 

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