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How to Read Archangel's Kiss Online - EPUB Bud Book Guide

Archangel's Kiss: A Dark and Seductive Paranormal Romance

If you are a fan of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, or angels and vampires, you might want to check out Archangel's Kiss, the second book in the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh. This book is a thrilling and steamy read that will take you to a world where angels rule, vampires serve, and hunters fight for survival. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Archangel's Kiss, including its world, characters, plot, themes, writing style, reviews, and how to get it.

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The World of Guild Hunter

The Guild Hunter series is set in an alternate version of our world, where angels are the dominant species. They are powerful, beautiful, immortal beings who can fly with their wings. They also have the ability to create vampires from humans by infusing them with angelic blood. Vampires are immortal as well, but they cannot fly or use magic. They are bound to serve their angelic makers for a hundred years before they can gain their freedom.

However, not all vampires are happy with their servitude. Some of them try to escape their contracts or rebel against their masters. That's where the guild hunters come in. They are humans who have enhanced senses and skills that allow them to track down rogue vampires. They either capture them alive or kill them on sight, depending on their orders.

The world of Guild Hunter is divided into ten territories, each ruled by an archangel. Archangels are the most powerful and ancient angels, who have authority over all other angels and vampires in their domain. They are also feared and respected by the guild hunters, who sometimes work for them or against them. The archangels have their own agendas and conflicts, which often affect the lives of everyone else.

The Characters of Archangel's Kiss

The main characters of Archangel's Kiss are Elena and Raphael, who were introduced in the first book of the series, Angels' Blood. Here is a brief introduction of them and some of the other characters you will meet in this book:

  • Elena Deveraux: She is a guild hunter who specializes in hunting rogue vampires. She is also the lover of Raphael, the archangel of New York. In the previous book, she was mortally wounded by an insane archangel and saved by Raphael, who turned her into an angel. She is the first angel to be made in centuries, and she has wings that are a mix of midnight and dawn. She is still recovering from her transformation and learning to fly, while also dealing with her traumatic past and her new role as Raphael's consort.

  • Raphael: He is the archangel of New York, who rules over North America. He is one of the most powerful and dangerous archangels, who is known for his cold and ruthless demeanor. He is also the lover of Elena, whom he considers his own. He is fascinated by her courage, loyalty, and humanity, which challenge his control and soften his heart. He is protective of her, but he also expects her to obey him and adapt to his world. He has secrets that he keeps from her, which could endanger their relationship.

  • Lijuan: She is the archangel of China, who rules over Asia. She is the oldest and most feared archangel, who has a power that lies with the dead. She can raise corpses as her servants or turn living beings into zombies. She is obsessed with death and decay, and she hates anything that is alive or new. She has invited Elena and Raphael to her ball in Beijing, where she has prepared a horrific welcome for them.

  • Other characters: There are many other characters in Archangel's Kiss, some of whom are allies and some of whom are enemies of Elena and Raphael. Some of them are:

  • Dmitri: He is Raphael's second-in-command and the leader of his Seven, a group of loyal vampires and angels who serve him. He is a centuries-old vampire who has a dark and seductive personality. He is also Elena's friend and mentor, who helps her with her training and recovery.

  • Illium: He is another member of Raphael's Seven, an angel with blue wings and silver eyes. He is playful and charming, but also deadly and loyal. He has a fondness for Elena, who calls him Bluebell.

  • Michaela: She is the archangel of Hungary, who rules over Europe. She is beautiful and cunning, but also cruel and selfish. She has a history with Raphael, whom she once desired but now despises. She also hates Elena, whom she sees as a threat and an abomination.

  • Neha: She is the archangel of India, who rules over South Asia. She is exotic and elegant, but also fierce and vengeful. She has a grudge against Raphael for killing her consort, but she also respects him for his strength. She is intrigued by Elena, whom she invites to her court as a guest.

  • Sara: She is Elena's best friend and the director of the Guild. She is a human who has a talent for organizing and leading hunters. She is also married to Deacon, a hunter who specializes in making weapons.

  • Ransom: He is Elena's friend and colleague at the Guild. He is a hunter who has a street-smart attitude and a colorful vocabulary. He is also loyal and brave, who helps Elena with her cases.

The Plot of Archangel's Kiss

The plot of Archangel's Kiss revolves around three main aspects: Elena's recovery, Raphael's secrets, and Lijuan's ball. Here is a summary of what happens in each aspect:

adjusting to her new senses and abilities, and coping with her nightmares and memories. She also has to face the prejudice and hostility of some angels and vampires who do not accept her as one of them. She finds support and guidance from Raphael, Dmitri, Illium, and Neha, who help her with her physical and mental recovery.

  • Raphael's secrets: Raphael has a lot of secrets that he keeps from Elena and others. He has a mysterious past that involves his mother, who disappeared when he was a child. He also has a hidden power that he does not fully understand or control, which makes him more dangerous and unpredictable. He is afraid that his power will corrupt him or harm Elena, so he tries to suppress it or hide it. He also has to deal with the political and personal challenges that come with being an archangel, such as managing his territory, maintaining his alliances, and protecting his people.

  • Lijuan's ball: Lijuan invites Elena and Raphael to her ball in Beijing, which is a trap for them. She wants to kill Elena, whom she sees as a threat to her power and an insult to her age. She also wants to challenge Raphael, whom she considers a rival and a potential ally. She has prepared a series of tests and traps for them, involving her army of the dead, her zombie creations, and her twisted games. Elena and Raphael have to survive Lijuan's ball and escape from her territory, while also uncovering her plans and secrets.

The Themes of Archangel's Kiss

Archangel's Kiss explores several themes that are relevant to the characters and the world of Guild Hunter. Some of these themes are:

  • The balance of power and vulnerability: Elena and Raphael have a complex relationship that involves power and vulnerability. Elena is a hunter who values her independence and freedom, but she also depends on Raphael for her safety and healing. Raphael is an archangel who commands respect and obedience, but he also cares for Elena and listens to her opinions. They have to balance their roles and emotions, without losing themselves or hurting each other.

  • The nature of life and death: Lijuan is obsessed with death and decay, which contrasts with Elena's and Raphael's appreciation for life and growth. Lijuan uses her power to create zombies and corpses, which are unnatural and horrifying. Elena and Raphael use their power to protect life and heal wounds, which are natural and beautiful. They have to confront Lijuan's power and philosophy, which threaten their existence and happiness.

  • The value of loyalty and friendship: Elena and Raphael rely on their allies and friends, who help them with their challenges and support them with their troubles. They have loyal followers, such as Dmitri, Illium, Sara, Ransom, Neha, etc., who stand by them in times of need. They also have treacherous enemies, such as Michaela, Uram, Charisemnon, etc., who betray them or harm them in times of crisis. They have to trust their loyalty and friendship, which strengthen their bond and resolve.

The Writing Style of Archangel's Kiss

Archangel's Kiss is written in a style that reflects the genre and tone of the book. It has the following features:

  • The tone and mood: The book has a dark and sensual tone that creates a mood of suspense, romance, and danger. The author uses words and phrases that evoke the emotions and sensations of the characters and the setting. For example: "His kiss was a dark promise that made her nerve endings sizzle." "The air was heavy with the scent of blood." "She felt a cold hand close over her heart."

and the setting in detail. She uses similes, metaphors, and imagery to create vivid pictures in the reader's mind. For example: "Her wings were a living tapestry of color." "His eyes were a liquid silver that could freeze in an instant." "The city was a glittering jewel under the night sky." The book also has a witty and engaging dialogue that reveals the personality and relationship of the characters. The author uses humor, sarcasm, and emotion to make the dialogue realistic and entertaining. For example: "'I don't need a babysitter.' 'Of course you don't. You need a bodyguard.'" "'You're a very bossy archangel.' 'And you're a very exasperating hunter.'" "'I love you, Elena. It makes me a better man.'"

  • The structure and pacing: The book has a structure that balances action, romance, and mystery. It has 40 chapters, each with a title that hints at the content. It also has a prologue and an epilogue that frame the story. The book follows a linear timeline, with occasional flashbacks to the past. The book has a fast and smooth pacing that keeps the reader hooked and interested. The author uses cliffhangers, twists, and surprises to create tension and suspense. She also uses scenes of intimacy, humor, and emotion to create relief and satisfaction.

The Reviews of Archangel's Kiss

Archangel's Kiss has received mostly positive reviews from readers and critics alike. It has an average rating of 4.20 out of 5 stars on Goodreads, based on 56,613 ratings and 2,575 reviews. It also has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon, based on 1,012 ratings and 248 reviews. Here are some of the common praises and criticisms that reviewers have given to this book:

The positive reviews

Most readers loved Archangel's Kiss for its captivating world-building, compelling characters, thrilling plot, and steamy romance. They praised the author for her skillful writing, creative imagination, and emotional depth. Some of the positive comments were:

  • "This book was amazing! I loved everything about it: the world, the characters, the story, the romance. Nalini Singh is a master storyteller who knows how to weave a spellbinding tale that keeps you hooked from start to finish."

  • "I adored Elena and Raphael's relationship in this book. They are so perfect for each other, even though they have their differences and challenges. They have such a strong bond of love and trust that makes them overcome any obstacle. Their chemistry is off the charts hot!"

  • "This book was full of action, suspense, mystery, and danger. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole book, wondering what would happen next. The twists and turns were unexpected and shocking. The climax and resolution were satisfying and rewarding."

  • "This book was a great addition to the Guild Hunter series. It expanded on the world and the characters that I already loved from the first book. It also introduced new characters and elements that made me curious and excited for more."

The negative reviews

Some readers disliked Archangel's Kiss for its slow pace, weak plot, annoying characters, or lack of originality. They criticized the author for her repetitive writing, boring narration, or unrealistic scenarios. Some of the negative comments were:

  • "This book was boring! Nothing much happened in this book except for Elena training, flying, sleeping, or having sex with Raphael. The plot was weak and predictable. The villain was lame and easy to defeat."

  • "I hated Elena and Raphael's relationship in this book. They were so annoying and frustrating. Elena was too stubborn, reckless, and whiny. Raphael was too controlling, possessive, and arrogant. They argued all the time over stupid things."

which was exciting and original. This book was dull and clichéd. It had too many similarities with other books in the genre, such as the Anita Blake series or the Black Dagger Brotherhood series."

  • "This book was unbelievable! I couldn't relate to the characters or the world at all. They were too perfect, too powerful, too unrealistic. The world was too complex, too confusing, too illogical. The romance was too cheesy, too instant, too over-the-top."

How to Get Archangel's Kiss

If you are interested in reading Archangel's Kiss, you have several options to get it in different formats and prices. Here are some of them:

The formats and prices

Archangel's Kiss is available in various formats, such as paperback, mass market paperback, Kindle ebook, audiobook, and audio CD. The prices vary depending on the format and the source. Here are some examples of the prices as of September 2021:

Format Price --- --- Paperback $12.57 on Amazon Mass Market Paperback $7.99 on Amazon Kindle Ebook $7.99 on Amazon Audiobook $0.00 with Audible trial or $24.49 without on Amazon Audio CD $30.54 on Amazon The sources and links

Archangel's Kiss can be found online or offline from various sources and links. Here are some of them:

  • Online: You can buy or download Archangel's Kiss online from websites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, Google Play Books, etc. You can also read or listen to Archangel's Kiss online from platforms such as Goodreads, Audible, Scribd, OverDrive, etc.

  • Offline: You can buy or borrow Archangel's Kiss offline from bookstores, libraries, or friends. You can also order Archangel's Kiss offline from websites such as Book Depository, IndieBound,, etc.


In conclusion, Archangel's Kiss is a dark and seductive paranormal romance that will take you to a world where angels rule, vampires serve, and hunters fight for survival. It is the second book in the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh, which follows the story of Elena and Raphael, a hunter and an archangel who share a bond of love and danger. In this book, they have to attend a ball hosted by Lijuan, an ancient and ruthless archangel who threatens Elena's life. They also have to deal with Elena's recovery, Raphael's secrets, and their relationship challenges.

romance, and mystery. It is available in various formats and prices, and can be found online or offline from various sources and links.

We hope this article has given you a comprehensive overview of Archangel's Kiss, and has encouraged you to read it or other books by Nalini Singh. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. Thank you for reading and happy reading!


Here are some frequently asked questions about Archangel's Kiss and their answers:

  • Do I need to read the first book of the series before reading Archangel's Kiss?

It is recommended that you read the first book of the series, Angels' Blood, before reading Archangel's Kiss, as it introduces the main characters and the world of Guild Hunter. However, if you don't mind some spoilers or confusion, you can also read Archangel's Kiss as a standalone book, as it has enough background information and recap to help you understand the story.

  • Is Archangel's Kiss suitable for young readers?

Archangel's Kiss is not suitable for young readers, as it contains explicit scenes of violence, sex, and language that are intended for mature audiences. The book also deals with themes such as death, trauma, abuse, and power that may be disturbing or triggering for some readers. The book is rated 18+ by the author and the publisher.

  • How many books are there in the Guild Hunter series?

As of September 2021, there are 15 books in the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh. They are:

  • Angels' Blood (2009)

  • Archangel's Kiss (2010)

  • Archangel's Consort (2011)

  • Archangel's Blade (2011)

  • Archangel's Storm (2012)

  • Archangel's Legion (2013)

  • Archangel's Shadows (2014)

  • Archangel's Enigma (2015)

  • Archangel's Heart (2016)

  • Archangel's Viper (2017)

  • Archangel's Prophecy (2018)

  • Archangel's War (2019)

  • Archangel's Sun (2020)

  • Archangel's Light (2021)

  • Archangel's Resurrection (2022)

The series also includes several novellas and short stories that are set in the same world and feature some of the same characters. They are:

  • "One Night at the Refuge"

  • "Angels' Dance"

  • "Angels' Judgment"

  • "Angels' Pawn"

  • "Weapons Training"

  • "Angel's Wolf"

  • "A Wedding Breakfast"

  • "Knives and Sheaths"

  • "Zoe's Workshop"

  • Who is the author of Archangel's Kiss and the Guild Hunter series?

The author of Archangel's Kiss and the Guild Hunter series is Nalini Singh, a New York Times bestselling author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. She was born in Fiji and raised in New Zealand, where she currently lives. She has also lived and worked in Japan for three years. She has written over 60 books, including the Guild Hunter series, the Psy-Changeling series, the Rock Kiss series, and the Hard Play series. She loves creating unique characters, giving them happy endings, and listening to the voices in her head.

  • What is the next book in the Guild Hunter series?

The next book in the Guild Hunter series is Archangel's Resurrection, which is expected to be released in October 2022. It is the 15th book in the series, and it will feature Illium and Aodhan, two of Rap


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