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Ali Denisov

FontBook 5.3.1 (58) Beta !!TOP!!

(New) Test Summary (beta)From now on you can configure your test results output to render in a new Summary tab on the job page, provided that it's in JUnit XML format. This feature is in beta and currently, Ruby/Rspec, Elixir/ExUinit, and Go/gotestsum are fully supported.

FontBook 5.3.1 (58) Beta

(New) Parameterized promotions (beta)With parameterized promotions, you can re-use a single promotion pipeline and use environment variables to achieve different results based on the variable values.

(Improved) New Semaphore UI public beta releaseAfter a successful private beta, the new Semaphore UI has been rolled out to a larger number of users.The new UI brings several improvements:

The project was announced and a beta released on 28 September 2010. In the nine months between January 2011 (the first stable release) and October 2011, LibreOffice was downloaded about 7.5 million times.[19] In 2015, the project claimed 120 million unique downloading addresses from May 2011 to May 2015, excluding Linux distributions, with 55 million of those being from May 2014 to May 2015.[20] The Document Foundation estimates that there are 200 million active LibreOffice users worldwide; approximately 25% are students and 10% are Linux users, who usually find LibreOffice part of their preferred distribution.[21]

In 2011, developers announced plans to port LibreOffice both to Android and to iOS.[38] A beta version of a document viewer for Android 4.0 or newer was released in January 2015;[39] In May 2015, LibreOffice Viewer for Android was released with basic editing capabilities.[40] In February 2020, Collabora released its first officially supported version of LibreOffice (branded as Collabora Office) for Android and iOS.[41] In July 2020 Collabora shipped an app, branded as Collabora Office, for ChromeOS, as used on the popular Chromebook line of notebook computers as well as other form factors of computers.

LibreOffice 3.3 beta used the ooo-build build infrastructure and the 3.3 beta code from Oracle, then adding selected patches from Go-oo.[119] Go-oo was discontinued in favour of LibreOffice. Since the office suite that was branded "" in most Linux distributions was in fact Go-oo, most moved immediately to LibreOffice.[120] 041b061a72


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