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[S2E1] Ring Of Fire

Ben Miller reprises his role as an amateur detective and academic Professor T with the Cambridge University criminologist battling with his OCD and his overbearing mother as he serves as a consultant to the police.

[S2E1] Ring of Fire

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When a student is left badly burnt and in a coma after a house fire, the CID team overcome their reluctance to call in Professor T as it emerges that the victim was drugged, and the fire started deliberately.

Give a ring to The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Amazon Prime Video's massively expensive adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's sprawling fantasy epic books, which were previously brought to life by Peter Jackson's pair of beloved film trilogies. The critical and fan response to Season 1 may have been mixed, but the showrunners have promised that the show only gets better from here on out.

Following the Season 1 finale, Morfydd Clark spoke to TV Guide and told us when Galadriel finally wised up to Halbrand's true identity, and how Galadriel felt totally blindsided by the reveal that he was Sauron. McKay and Payne explained to The Hollywood Reporter that much of Season 2 will focus on Sauron's development as an antihero. "Sauron can now just be Sauron," McKay said. "Like Tony Soprano or Walter White. He's evil, but complexly evil. We felt like if we did that in Season 1, he'd overshadow everything else. So the first season is like Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight is the next movie, with Sauron maneuvering out in the open. We're really excited. Season 2 has a canonical story. There may well be viewers who are like, 'This is the story we were hoping to get in Season 1!' In Season 2, we're giving it to them."

Chapman is conflicted. A series of flashbacks, this time of her as a child, reveal that she has always struggled with truth and morality. She resisted doing things other kids said were cool because they were dangerous. She saw her father cheat on her mother and was told not to bring it up again by nearly every member of her family. Sometimes the truth only hurts, says her grandmother. Now, however, the truth could get her killed, while lying could get her a longer prison sentence. She realizes she is faced with the same decision she faced all those years ago and she can either take a chance with her friend or risk losing everything again.

With Harald and Freydis heading to Kattegat, Olaf throws a curveball in the process, riling up the crowd and informing them that Freydis and Harald are raising an army to combat them. With a chest of gold, he offers money to whoever brings him Harald.

And, just as with that unforgettable get-together in series one of Doctor Foster, she was a wolf once more. Though by the end of episode one, she appears to be very much on the back foot, dissolving her wedding ring in a tub of acid as she considers her next move in a field of limited options.

During the drive, Denton indicates to turn left, Wallis gets on his radio and says she should be going straight on. Denton returns with "Yeah, I know the way to my own station." Very shortly after they turn left a Range Rover almost runs head-on into Denton, she swerves to avoid them and the car sideswipes her and forces her off the road. The Range Rover then goes on to smash head first into Akers car, causing the airbags to release. Denton's car stops after hitting a tree and her airbag deploys. Two masked gunmen get out of the Range Rover and head to Akers car, they fire into the back seat where the witness they were transporting is sitting. They hit Akers and the other two police officers, they then begin dousing the car in petrol. Denton radio's in a call "Charlie Mike two-five, status zero, status zero, Long Lane and Crown Avenue!" As she finishes the radio message you can see the two masked men set the car on fire, she screams status zero into the radio then gets out of her car just as Akers car explodes and Akers and the witness crawl out of the back seat on fire. Denton throws her jacket over Akers to put out the flames, the body is so badly burnt it is unrecognisable. The second body rolls over, also badly burnt and Denton looks distraught at the scene.

Back at the ambush scene, the crime scene techs are preparing to start their investigation. The media have already gathered and around surrounding the scene with cameramen, photographers and journalists. Jo Dwyer appears at the crime scene cordon and updates the press. She tells them that evidence recovery is ongoing and for them to respect the cordon. Deputy Chief Constable Mike Dryden also appears at the crime scene and signs in. He looks pretty shocked by the scene, especially knowing he gave the order for this to go ahead. He is then introduced to the press by Dwyer, Dryden gives a statement to the police saying that this is an attack on the police, three officers lost their lives and they are starting an investigation.

Denton goes back to work at the 4th street station where a book of condolences and a collection for Wallis and Butler has been started. O'Neill asks Denton if she is ok, and asks if there is anything he can do for her, she politely declines and walks into her office. Mallick greets her and tells her to take it steady. Denton gets upset when she sees the memorial for the two officers and everyone is staring at her, so she goes to the toilets to cry. There is a knock on her toilet door, she says "this one's taken" but the knocking becomes louder and more insistent. She repeats what she said and then the door flies open and O'Neill grabs her by the hair, while the rest of the squad, including Mallick, looks on. O'Neill then shoves her head into the toilet and flushes. He pulls her up long enough to say "No firearms! No backup! It should be you we're burying, you stupid bitch!" in her ear then shoves her back into the toilet. He lets her up finally and she's left sobbing against the cubicle wall as they all walk out.

Arnott asks a question and Royal buts in to say that Denton has the right to be questioned by an office of one rank superior, Arnott says she's only a witness there is no suspicion, Denton says it's ok. Denton says that the witness was located within the precinct of the 4th Street and the 4th Street Estate and that made the 4th Street Station the duty station. Hastings wants to know if she passed this information on to officers at the 4th Street Station, Denton said she did not that Akers had impressed on her the secure nature of their communication and should only involve others when strictly operationally necessary. Denton confirms she had a cover story, the arrest of a missing persons suspect. Arnott asks if she spoke to anyone, Denton confirms she discussed the matter with Dryden and sought his approval to render assistance. Hastings tests her and asks why she told Dryden if Akers had told her not to, Denton counters that assistance of that type requires Gold approval before it could be carried out. Hastings looks pleased with her knowledge of procedure and says "quite right". Arnott asks if she always adheres to regulation, Denton says that's what they are there for. Hastings says "I can see you and I are going to get on a like a house on fire, DI Denton!" when she says that. Hastings wants to know why she chose specifically to call Dryden. Denton confirms that in an earlier instance where the Duty CS failed to answer DCC Dryden had made it clear that he could always be contacted in such circumstances. Denton goes on to suggest that Dryden offered this so he could find out which Brass were pulling their weight and which weren't. Hasting chuckles and asks Denton why she assigned Wallis and Butler. Denton says she knew they had good reputations and could handle themselves. Arnott interjects that they were unarmed officers. Hastings repeats the words said to her in the toilet, but gently, "No firearms, no backup?" Denton looks upset and says "If there was anything I could do to reverse that decision, sir..." Royal adds that Denton was proceeding on Akers' instructions. Hastings says "Nobody's blaming you, I mean if those were Akers' instructions. I just thought you might think they were a bit irregular." Denton is quite until Arnott offers "You took the view that it was Akers area of specialisation." and Denton agrees.

Hastings reminds Denton that they all sympathise with the terrible ordeal she's been through, but that their job is to investigate how the gunmen knew where they would be that night. Denton says that she wishes she could help them. Hastings makes it clear that they are investigating the possibility of information leakage. Denton says she understands, and Hastings presses further that information leakage happens in two ways deliberately and accidentally. Arnott further elaborates that deliberately ties in with potential officer corruption, being in league with the criminals, and accidentally which means officer incompetence, failure to communicate securely. Royal again asks that the interview needs to stop, that if they have suspicions of Denton that they need to issue her with a Regulation 15 Notice. Hastings says that they are information gathering, they are a long way from a Reg 15 notice. Arnott says that within their authority to investigate any officer connected to the event, they have carried out financial checks on Denton. Royal gets upset and says that he's asked them to stop. Hastings says that their strongest suspicious is that criminal interests tried to assassinate the witness to stop him from testifying and that they would pay a lot of money for that to happen. Hastings goes on to say that Denton is in financial difficulty and that she is duty bound to declare it on the grounds that it would make her susceptible to bribery. Arnott says she's in debt up to her eyeballs. Royal again asks them to stop the tape and finish the interview. Georgia reaches for the tape recorder button but hesitates.

Dryden is giving a full press statement in front of cameras about the death of Wallis and Butler, acknowledging the suffering faced by their families. A reporter asks for information on other casualties, Dryden confirms that another police detective also died at the scene, and one other officer received minor injuries. The press clamour to know about a possible civilian casualty. Dryden denies that there was a civilian casualty, and reiterates that he said this was an attack on the police. Denton is watching the statement on tv and feeding her cat, Bella, and she removes the neck brace that she has been wearing since the incident. Dryden continues on and uses this incident to call for more money to be given to the police force, he says that they were unable to protect themselves on the night of this attack. Denton makes herself dinner while dance music beats from next door and dogs bark in the area. 041b061a72


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