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[S4E6] Good Neighbors

Bailey risking her life to find evidence to prove Fred wasn't guilty was too risky. The entire sequence of her breaking into Fred's home and office, searching through his drawers, and hiding in the closet was stressful. No one would accuse Bailey of being a good snoop.

[S4E6] Good Neighbors

Kendal will always be associated with this iconic BBC sitcom, which ran for four seasons between 1975 and 1978 and was retitled Good Neighbors when it aired on PBS in the early '80s. She plays Barbara Good, a charming middle-class housewife who supports her husband Tom (Richard Briers) when he decides to give up his office job and embrace a sustainable, grow-your-own lifestyle. Their unlikely friendship with fancy neighbors Jerry (Paul Eddington) and Margo (Penelope Keith) is a fruitful source of comic tension, making this a show you can watch over and over again.

Most irritating Rory or Lorelai moment:Rory spends the entire episode stomping around, whining about how there are no good places to study at Yale. Welcome to the real world, jackass. If you're distracted on a quiet campus, how the hell are you going to deal with the beloved open office spaces of the 2010s? Buy yourself a pair of noise cancelling headphones and prepare for a lifetime of unavoidable distraction.

Thoughts:Nothing of consequence happens in this episode. Rory whines about how "difficult" her life is, Lorelai treats her mother like satan, and Kirk goes on a smashingly successful date with Lulu. There are good little moments throughout but it's "meh" as a whole. We'll start with Rory's storyline since it's quick and easy to vilify.

It's a shame that the party doesn't happen because Sookie really had her heart set on a minivan for little Davey (gross). When Emily asks Jason for his party guest list, he informs her that cocktail parties are for old people. He wants to take all of the company's clients, who I imagine are exact replicas of Donald Trump, to Atlantic City for hookers and cocaine. I hate to side with Jason, but his idea is good. Old White men love tacky debauchery significantly more than perfect floral arrangements and expensive bone china.

Dr. Kate McConnell: But, but the actual work itself, I think both the importance of it, the topics, the idea of creating something new that was really designed to help raise up the good work taking place within higher ed, even as people were, like today, talking about what higher ed was failing to do. When I think about how we were as an organization able to pull together a community of folks who essentially volunteered their time.

Dr. Kate McConnell: Is where I put my educational psychology hat on and stand on my soapbox, is that our students often coming to us, their sense of what makes them successful and what makes them good students from a, from a studying and a learning perspective is often very wrongheaded.

Dr. Kate McConnell: I appreciate that. And yeah, I mean it is, and also having like connections across, I guess the final thing I would say about it is, connecting good people doing work and connecting to campuses that nobody in the Ivy league has heard of, or that nobody, and with all due respect to our, our more kind of top 25 elite higher ed that seems to be the focus of like the Wall Street Journal and subsets of parents in affluent areas. Right?

THE NEIGHBORHOOD stars Cedric the Entertainer in a comedy about what happens when the friendliest guy in the Midwest moves his family to a neighborhood in Los Angeles where not everyone looks like him or appreciates his extreme neighborliness. Dave Johnson is a good-natured, professional conflict negotiator. When his wife, Gemma, gets a job as a school principal in L.A., they move from Michigan with their young son, Grover, unfazed that their new dream home is located in a community quite different from their small town.

For a spy in a rush to steal large computer files quickly, file sharing sites are a dream come true. File sharing has none of the drawbacks of e-mail. There are no size limitations on uploads, no waiting for files to bounce through multiple servers, and no electronic trail leading back to the account on the receiving end. The only drawback is whatever you post can be seen by anyone in the world. But since nearly every visitor to these sites is busy trolling for illegal music and movie downloads, chances are good no one will think twice about whatever boring intelligence you've left there.

With Nurse Lucille Anderson leaving Poplar to go home to Jamaica in Call The Midwife Season 12's second episode, fans are worried actor Leonie Elliott may be gone from the series for good. Her farewell letter to viewers confirms it.

Suraya later brought all the files she had on girls that could be perfect for Marty. She wanted to guide the family, but Calvin and Tina got lost looking for the girl they thought was good for Marty. Thus ignoring her leads Suraya to quit and walk out. As this went on, Dave and Gemma planned for a date after a long time in a while, only for the babysitter to say no for the night, thus leaving them to stay.

The boys go to visit the eccentric Sheriff Al Britton, a good friend of Frank's. He makes them remove their shoes before they enter his office. After shaking hands with them, he slathers on hand sanitizer. He confirms that Frank had been acting strangely.

The eccentric Sheriff Al Britton, a good friend of Frank's, confirms that Frank had been acting strangely, as does Mark Hutchins, Frank's reptile-loving neighbor and the last person to see him alive. Dean seems more than usually unnerved by Mark's menagerie of pets. Mark tells them that Frank had been a bully in high school, but that he "got better," especially after the suicide of his wife Jessie in 1988.

Carrie is always quick to take advantage of Holly's kindness and good nature. The same goes for her storyline in "Icky Shuffle" when Holly, out of the goodness of her heart, cooks a meal for Carrie while she's sick. But when Carrie starts feeling better, she realizes that she's gotten hooked on Holly's cooking (plus not having to cook dinner herself) and pressures her to continue her meal deliveries even though she's not sick anymore. It's an episode that humorously highlights Carrie's manipulative nature and shows that Doug isn't always the selfish one of the pair.

Doug wants Carrie to take pole dancing classes to spice up their sex life. The only problem? She's terrible at it. After they install one in the bedroom, she slips, falls, and has to keep referring to the dance manual when she's performing. Enhancing the episode's laughs is that Doug takes it upon himself to show her how it's done... and he's actually good at it. He jumps up onto the pole, hanging upside down, and performing for Carrie, telling her to "work it" and that she needs to "become one with the pole." In a funny twist, Doug turns out to be the graceful one of the pair and the one to turn Carrie on, rather than the other way around, making Doug's plan completely backfire.

Running for her life in the empty, under-construction grid of homes, Jill catches her breath in the empty home that Tom happens to be holed up in. They comfort one another, and then she decides she needs to conjure Pretzel Jack as her defender in order to get them out of there. She holds hands with Tom to bring out good old PJ. So why is Tom thinking about Ian?

Tom and Jill are chased by a terrifying Tall Boy. They run into another abandoned house under construction and both apologize to each other for past wrongs. The love is flowing, and all is good. Except Tall Boy is still coming. Jill needs to bring out Pretzel Jack.

Tony continues his string of good deeds by organizing a night at a Billy Joel concert for Carmela, Christopher, Adriana, Brian, and his wife, Janelle Cammarata. Adriana pulls out, afraid of spending too much time with the people she is supposed to be collecting evidence about. This makes way for Carmela's planned date for Furio and Jessica, although once they are there, she seems less than happy with her matchmaking. Tony also treats Janice to dinner at Nuovo Vesuvio. They get along well for once, remembering their mother's fondness for sucking marrow out of bones. Tony congratulates Janice on her relationship with Bobby Baccalieri. Janice responds by telling Tony that he always reaches out to her when it counts. 041b061a72


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