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Ali Denisov
Ali Denisov

SAS JMP Statistical Discovery V11.0 (x86x64).rar

sas jmp statistical discovery uses icons to represent each action and dataset. these icons appear in locations as the data if you add, change, or delete the icon. the icons give you visual feedback on what you're doing to the data, so you're never lost when you're exploring your data. this is not a dialog box that gets in your way.

SAS JMP Statistical Discovery v11.0 (x86x64).rar

rather, it provides access to related information and processes in a single screen. if you are thinking about, for example, giving feedback to your managers on what the department you work in in the company, you're more likely to find a way to give your feedback in sas jmp statistical discovery than in excel.

sas jmp statistical discovery is a powerful, yet easy to use tool for exploratory analysis. it's really only one-button-click away from any data you have. you don't even have to start by defining variables. instead, you can simply choose an existing column as the object of interest and then select a statistical method and a display option. after you select the method, you simply drag the column you want to analyze onto the analysis pane where a value appears next to it. it's that simple! you can use the completed display to create a chart, a model, or a summary of your data.

another benefit of sas jmp statistical discovery is that it automatically provides a visualization as you step through your data. the graph, for example, changes as you drag or delete columns. the visualization also updates as you add, delete, or modify objects, such as variables. if you want to build a more powerful chart or plot, you can drag and drop objects to any pane in the program window.


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