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Yakuza 3

Author's note: A heated discussion takes place as to whether the game is stereotyping the yakuza, which is resolved when Midoriyama points out that the stereotypes about the yakuza are more or less correct, with the exception of their alleged prowess in martial arts.

Yakuza 3

STORYM: The whole plot about resort expansion in Okinawa and the CIA and the politicians involved and all that? Wow. That game came out last year, right. That's totally happening in Okinawa right now. K: The politicians and the yakuza always have worked together. The game has got that right.S: Yakuza and politicians, pretty much the same thing. We all have badges, we all have factions, we all have our oyabuns (father-figures). M: Don't forget that there are some yakuza who became politicians.K: And still are. The CIA part of the story, I don't buy though. Too nutty for me. What do you think Adelstein? You used to work for them right.A: I never worked for the CIA. Well, not directly.M: The Mossad. You're Jewish.K: He'll never admit it. A: I'll admit it. I'm Jewish. You overestimate the CIA. The CIA is not nearly as competent an organization as the Yamaguchi-gumi.S: Well, I guess they wanted to make the game more international. And let's face it, these days, Americans and the CIA make great villains. K: And the Japanese yakuza kick their ass! Go Japan go!

After the events of the second game in the series, Kiryuu Kazuma, "yakuza with the heart of gold", has once again tried to leave the world of organized crime behind him. He has built an orphanage on the remote island of Okinawa, which he manages together with his adopted daughter Haruka. But it seems that life will never be peaceful for him. Shady politicians are conspiring to take away the land on which his orphanage is built. A person whom Kazuma believed dead has miraculously returned from the grave. And once again Kazuma finds himself in the middle of a battle between organized crime divisions. He has to go back to Tokyo, to the Kamurocho district, for his third adventure.

However, his former life comes calling back to him when a group of loan shark toughs threaten to take back the orphanage. As fate would have it, a yakuza family is looking to take over the land and develop it into new real estate and offers Kiryu a sizable lump of cash to vacate. He refuses, which kicks off a sprawling saga of political intrigue, feats of improbable badassery, and yet another reason to fight inside Millennium Tower.

The Tojo Clan is in crisis! The Dragon of Dojima, Kazuma Kiryu, has fully retired from the yakuza world to run an orphanage in Okinawa, the southernmost island of Japan. Unfortunately, a billion-yen land deal has put his orphanage in the middle of a Tojo civil war. Fighting to protect the children in his care, Kiryu must return to Kamurocho to save his orphanage and in doing so, reshape the future of the Tojo clan forever.

After the last game, Kazuma Kiryu has now moved to Okinawa and is in charge of Morning Glory Orphanage along with his adopted niece, Haruka. The Orphanage is on a land that is owned by Shigeru Nakahara, the boss of a local yakuza clan known as the Ryudo Family. Nakahara is under pressure from the country's government to sell the land, which is the site of a government land grab, with one side wanting a military base and the other wanting a resort there. When his friend Daigo Dojima, Sixth Chairman of the Tojo Clan, is shot by a hitman bearing a familiar face, Kiryu must deal with the three gang bosses who arranged the attempted murder, and returns to the life he thought he left behind. Expect a large amount of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder.

This game has a little change of pace compared to Yakuza 2. The first quarter of the game only sees Kiryu in Okinawa with his kids, dealing with their various problems and occasionally butting heads with the local yakuza. However, once Kiryu learns more about the issues threatening the orphanage, he finds himself sucked back into the underworld and the life he thought he left behind.

His piece on BoingBoing is definitely worth a read. Some of the commentary is solid gold. One of the yakuza guys comments on all the foreigners in the area where some of the game takes place, Kabukicho.

Tojo Clan Sixth Chairman Daigo Dojima is armed with a Norinco Type 54, a direct clone of the Post-1947 Tokarev TT-33 that is popular among the yakuza. He attempts to shoot CIA Agent Joji Kazama (known as Joji Fuma in the original western PS3 release), but Kazama outdraws him. The game model is called the "Tokarev." However this name is neither here nor there since the Japanese refer to the Norinco Type 54 as a "Tokarev" anyway, being well known due to its infamous use as a yakuza handgun. Although not visible in-game, the trigger is actually a different shape to that of the real model. This is the only gun model in Yakuza 3 that does not appear in later games, chiefly due to it being a completely static mesh. This model is also seen in the Yakuza 2 flashback video at the beginning of the game.

Yakuza 5 RemasteredThe Omi Alliance is on the verge of a war of succession, and to prevent it Sixth Chairman of the Tojo Clan, Daigo Dojima, seeks to unify the yakuza from around Japan. The echoes of this underground power struggle reach five playable characters: Kazuma Kiryu, who is laying low in Fukuoka as a taxi driver, Taiga Saejima, who returns to prison to finish what he started, Shun Akiyama, who lends money to a client that is more than meets the eye, Haruka Sawamura, who dreams of becoming an idol, and Tatsuo Shinada, a disgraced baseball star who finds himself in over his head. Five characters, five cities, and five dreams converge in an explosive conclusion.

Yakuza 3 arrived on the PlayStation3 in 2010, taking the series to new heights, with refined combat mechanics and a previously unseen visual splendor. Having removed himself from the yakuza entirely, Kazuma Kiryu has settled down to run an orphanage in the quiet beach city of Okinawa. But when both the government and the yakuza set their sights on beachfront property, Kiryu finds that to defend that which he cares most deeply about, sacrifices must be made. 041b061a72


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