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Love's Portrait

This groundbreaking exhibition presents masterpieces from the collection of the National Portrait Gallery, London, arguing that ideas of love and desire have been critical to the development of portraiture from the 16th century to the present day. Portraits provide visual records of relationships, are used to memorialize dead or absent lovers and have often been given as love tokens. Featured artists include Sir Joshua Reynolds, Angelica Kauffman, Man Ray, Lee Miller, David Hockney and others.

Love's Portrait

The National Portrait Gallery, London, was founded in 1856 and holds the most extensive collection of portraits in the world. The collection explores ideas of social change, personal development and the power and creativity of individuals. The gallery is dedicated to the goal of exploring the universal questions of biography, diversity and fame that lie at the heart of issues of identity and achievement.

PoP is a global creative collective with one mission: Create an accessible global community of portrait-lovers through platforms to share the best of portraiture photography. In all our projects, we work to unite portrait photographers and enthusiasts of all levels and backgrounds, facilitate collaboration, and foster supportive relationships.

From the opening of the movie, the conclusion was already known. Hallmark did a reasonable job with it.I was annoyed with Lily's boss at the begining of the show and with Lily's obsession with her dead husband. She struck me as being quite self absorbed.It carried over to her arrival in Ireland, culminating inrunning William off the road. The plot thickens when William caught up with her at the post. His anger turning into shock when he saw her.William did an excellent job of expressing his shock..She struck me as being completely disengaged with her costars. As the movie progressed, she became a bit more connected when they began the quest to find out how a portrait of her showed up at the museum and who sent it. While tracking down the person who sent the portrait, we were treated to the beauty of Ireland.This was a satisfying movie and a lot more calm than many Hallmark movies. It was a nice departure from the usual. Using actual Irish actors was soothing. I have always loved an Irish accent. Not a heart throbber, but sweet.

If you require information from us, please use our Archive enquiry service. You can buy a print of most illustrated portraits. Select the portrait of interest to you, then look out for a Buy a Print button. Prices start at 6 for unframed prints, 25 for framed prints. If you wish to license this image, please use our Rights and Images service.

There are occasions when we are unsure of the identity of a sitter or artist, their life dates, occupation or have not recorded their family relationships. Sometimes we have not recorded the date of a portrait. Do you have specialist knowledge or a particular interest about any aspect of the portrait or sitter or artist that you can share with us? We would welcome any information that adds to and enhances our information and understanding about a particular portrait, sitter or artist.

My real name is Nurul Syafiqah. I used to draw a portrait and somehow during my free time I always spend my time to draw portrait of celebrities or artists. I learned drawing since I was 4 years old and times bring me to explore more about art and drawing. I love portrait so much and I love doing things I love. I will be satisfied if my hard works paid off by doing what I love. I will be really happy if I can share my drawings to all people who loves portrait and world can see my drawings everywhere. I used to draw by a pencil. I made my own shading based on the image I saw or downloaded to make it look same as the original picture by using only eraser. Nothing more than a pencil and an eraser. Hope I can be better. Any other request such as original drawing, you can contact me via email or WhatsApp my contact number +60103782130 or dm me on instagram @nsyafiqahs16

Ahead of the performance next week, I had the chance to speak with Callow and Cumming about their history with Isherwood and Bachardy's letters, the characterization they bring to their reading of these emotionally complicated texts, and their thoughts on Hockney's iconic portrait.

Simon Callow: When David first painted it, he and Christopher were beacons as gay men who were comfortably and unapologetically out at a time when that was very uncommon. It was the apparent effortlessness of it that made it so striking: their relationship was no big deal, they seemed to be saying. So this wonderful double portrait of a gay couple was, in its cool and unaggressive way, an affirmation of the normality of homosexuality, which was somehow even more radical than the already gathering voices of the militants. In a sense, Hockney and Isherwood and Bachardy were saying: "Some people are gay. Get over it." Like its 18th-century models, the portrait celebrates the quotidian: being gay doesn't have to be a drama.

Reza is an award-winning photographer who specializes in portraits, weddings, engagements, maternity, family, and commercial/advertising photography. Through the lens of photography, Reza creates new perspectives. Reza loves to turn ideas into beautiful things. Along with his graduation degree in photography, Reza has over 12 year experience of shooting in USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh.

Azad loves portrait photography and he loves playing with lights and shadows. Azad has been photographing people for more than ten years . He is passionate about composition and knows his camera well.

This guide will give you the best family portrait poses, tips and compositional guidelines. So join us today to find out everything you need to capture beautiful family portraits, with engaging compositions.

A great way to add some variety to your family portrait poses gallery is to take a break from posing and photograph kids and parents playing. Make sure you have a fast shutter speed to capture all of the best moments.

In this gorgeous portrait below, there is soft light at camera right. Her position 90 degrees to the light has created gentle shadows on the left which help add depth and interest. That interplay of light and shadow has also sculpted her features, highlighting those beautiful curves.

Specialist Jo Langston holding The Maria Fitzherbert Jewel, with a 1789 drawing of Maria Fitzherbert wearing a portrait miniature of the future George IV around her neck, by Richard Cosway R.A. (1742-1821)

Nicole Nikolich (left) and Symone Salib install Salib's wheat paste portrait of Santigold on a wall of The Filmore. The work is one of 20 in the #SisterlyLove Project, celebrating 20 Philadelphia women during Women's History Month. (Emma Lee/WHYY)

And while these Bloomsbury portraits shed light on the complex entanglements of men and women in the first decades of the Twentieth Century, their debates of long ago seem prescient, as we debate what constitutes intimacy, companionship and sexual identity in our time.

A portrait of a glassy-eyed couple sitting in the grass with a naked child stands in sharp contrast to a composed and hopeful family portrait of an interracial couple with their child in Golden Gate Park. At times, the images offer a vision of a better tomorrow. In other instances, they grapple with poverty and disillusionment. All of them contend with the wide-ranging legacies of free love and 1960s counterculture. 041b061a72


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