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3 Tips for Balancing Pregnancy and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship and pregnancy are both fun and challenging journeys on their own, but the two combined create a whirlwind experience for any woman willing to embark on the path.

I have spent the majority of my career as an entrepreneur and it just so happens that both times I’ve been pregnant I was in the midst of launching a new and exciting project. During my first pregnancy, I was helping run a startup and remember sitting in doctor visits laptop in tow and living off of ginger chews while traveling frequently for work. Six weeks after my first son was born we used every piece of luggage we owned (I think it was about 10bags total) to get us to a conference where my husband and I spoke– classic first-time parent mistakes.

I’m currently pregnant with my second child and have learned a few tips for “balancing” pregnancy and the roller coaster ride we call entrepreneurship…

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